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Shipping & Insurance uses the best shipping company and the best packing materials.

As soon as you placed your order we at will start packaging your whisky. For this job we selected special sturdy boxes. The bottle itself is also wrapped so that it will endure the travel without any problems.

Your shipment will be offered to the shipping company the same day you ordered. We always use registered post to ensure that the intended person will receive the shipment.

In the unlikely event that a bottle should break or be misplaced, the shipment is insured up to 500 EUROS.

Below you'll find the countries our shipping company distinguishes. Select the name of your country to see the shipping rates for each number of bottles. These rates include shipping, insurance, packaging and packaging materials. Is your country not on the list, or do you want to order more than 12 bottles, please contact us.

Select country:
1 bottle
€ 25.00
2 bottles
€ 35.00
3 bottles
€ 35.00
4 bottles
€ 60.00
5 bottles
€ 60.00
6 bottles
€ 60.00
7 bottles
€ 100.00
8 bottles
€ 100.00
9 bottles
€ 100.00
10 bottles
€ 100.00
11 bottles
€ 100.00
12 bottles
€ 100.00


Your order may be subject to local taxes and custom duties upon arrival into your country. Any additional charges of this nature are your responsibility. Duties and tax can vary wildly dependent on your country so please contact your local customs office for further information.