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Single grain whisky is a mixture of grain whisky from casks of the same distillery. Grain whisky can be made from different grains, and is distilled in continuous stills. The whisky for single grain bottlings has often been matured for decades in oak barrels, what has given it its flavor.

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Bernheim Original

This is your chance to try a wheat whisky! As far as we know, the only globally available wheat-made whisky. Related to bourbon and rye whiskey, but different. Have a drink out of the box!

Caledonian 1987 3006 Whisky

Caledonian closed in 1988, so this bottling by newcomer 3006 Whisky is one of the last products of this single grain whisky distillery. A lot of depth in this bottling, full of aromas and flavors. And reasonably priced. Really a must!

Cambus 1988 Pearls of Scotland - 47.5%

For 27 years, this single grain whisky matured on a bourbon barrel before it was bottled by Gordon & Company. This single grain from Cambus Distillery, that closed in 1993, is worth considering for sure!

Cameronbridge 1974 Murray McDavid

A nice, full Cameronbridge single grain whisky, this 33-year-old bottling from Murray McDavid. Sugared nuts, white chocolate, apricots in the nose, butter, marzipan, jam in the mouth, long finish. An example of how good a single grain can be!

Cameronbridge 1984 Ultimate - cask 19309

In 1828 Cameronbridge was the first distillery to make grain whisky. And they still do it. A good example is this 34 year old grain, matured on a bourbon cask, bottled by Van Wees in an edition of 177 bottles. At 54.9% cask strength.

Cameronbridge 1989 Cadenhead

Distillery bottlings by Cameronbridge, the oldest single-grain whisky distillery in Scotland, are rare. So we have to deal with bottlings like this one from Cadenhead: aged 29 years in a bourbon barrel and bottled at cask strength (57.8%.).

Carsebridge 1974 Svenska Eldvatten

Carsebridge single grain whisky is not often found anymore, the distillery was closed in 1983. This bottling from Svenska Eldvatten is extra special: a Carsebridge of vintage 1974! 43 years later, the cask yielded only 90 bottles ...

Glendalough Double Barrel

If you want to try an Irish single grain whiskey, one that is aged on bourbon, and finished on sherry and then at a reasonable price: here is the Glendalough Double Barrel. Light, pleasant to drink, but also complex. Something different!

Invergordon 1972 Brachadair

From the bourbon cask in which this Invergordon single grain whisky matured for 44 years, the Belgian bottler Brachadair obtained no more than 104 bottles, at cask strength (46.7%). Until now, this Invergordon has only received high ratings. That makes on

Invergordon 1972 Svenska Eldvatten

A festive edition on the occasion of their 5 year anniversary, this bottling from the Swedish Svenska Eldvatten. This Invergordon single grain whisky was bottled after 33 years of maturing. This yielded 96 bottles at cask strength (48.9%). Be quick!

Invergordon 1987 Murray McDavid

This 30-year-old Invergordon single grain whisky was finished by bottler Murray McDavid on a sherry cask before it was bottled at 54% strength. The sherry finish does not overshadow the grain character. A nice dram for the grain whisky enthusiast!

Invergordon 1987 North Star Spirits

This 31-year-old Invergordon single grain whisky still has a strikingly high ABV percentage. Matured in a refill bourbon barrel and bottled by North Star Spirits. The Invergordon spirit put on cask in 1987. An interesting dram, with its 63.2%!

Invergordon 1988 Maltbarn

27 years, aged in a bourbon barrel, at 51.3% cask strength, bottled in 2015 by Maltbarn. That is the dry data of this Invergordon single grain whisky. Curious how this bottling from quality bottler Maltbarn tastes? There are still some bottles ..

Invergordon 1988 Pearls of Scotland

Hij lijkt een beetje over het hoofd gezien, deze 28-jarige Invergordon-botteling van Gordon & Company. Maar voor wie van single grain whiisky houdt is deze op bourbonvat gerijpte en op een vatsterkte van 56,8% gebottelde grain zeker het overwegen waard...

Invergordon 1993 Svenska Eldvatten

Swedish bottler Svenska Eldvatten also releases grain whisky bottlings. Like this 24-year-old Invergordon from the vintage year 1993. This grain whisky aged on a bourbon barrel and was bottled in 168 bottles at cask strength (53.6%). Worth considering!

Invergordon 1997 Pearls of Scotland

Relatively young for a grain whisky, this 18-year-old Invergordon. Because of this it is not only high in alcohol (59.1%), but it is also favorably priced, this bottling from Gordon & Company, released in their series The Pearls of Scotland.

Koval Millet

A whiskey distilled from millet! This bottling from organic distillery KOVAL from Chicago is therefore not only gluten-free, but it matured on heavily charred American oak and is bottled 'single barrel'. That certainly made us very curious!

Nikka Coffey Grain

Has nothing to do with coffee, Coffey is the type of still with which this Japanese blended grain whisky is made. That resulted in a fruity, light, pleasantly drinkable dram, a whisky for those long summer evenings. Bottled at 45%.

North British 1991 Cooper's Choice

In 1991 this North British single grain whisky went in the cask to be bottled by Cooper's Choice after being aged in a bourbon barrel for 26 years. At 42.5% cask strength. A low percentage that indicates a very active cask. That makes one curious!

North British 2006 Whiskybroker

For a single grain whisky such as this North British, 10 years is very young. Yet Whiskybroker dared to bottle this grain, that aged on an active bourbon cask, at this age. A chance to buy a good grain whisky for a great price!

North British 2007 Murray McDavid

Bottler Murray McDavid finished this North British single grain whisky on a bourbon cask of organic oak. All in all, this grain matured for 10 years in bourbon casks. It was bottled at a strength of 46%. For those who want to try how a grain tastes?

Single Lowland Grain 1964 Whisky-Doris

A 50 year old whisky, not something we see very often. Distilled in 1964 and bottled for the 15th anniversary of Whisky Doris.

Strathclyde 1987 Archives

A 30 year old Strathclyde with a very typical old grain character. Sweet, fruity with cotton candy and sponge cake. A nice creamy and thick mouthfeel and very drinkable.

Strathclyde 1988 Pearls of Scotland

Gordon & Company bottled this 28-year-old Strathclyde single grain whisky in their Pearls of Scotland series. You can really only get to know the whisky from the Strathclyde Distillery in Glasgow through independent bottlings such as this one. Curious?

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