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Bourbon is an American whisky, named after the Bourbon County district where many distilleries can be found. The basic raw material for bourbon is maize, possibly with other grains. The distillery may only be called bourbon after at least two years of aging in oak barrels. Bourbon is at least 40% ABV.

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1792 Small Batch

Under the 1792 Small Batch label, Barton 1792 Distillery, located in the heart of Bourbon country, releases this straight bourbon whiskey. The bourbon matured on American new oak, and is bottled at cask strength. A real bourbon, this 1792!

Angel's Envy Bourbon Port Cask Finished

The Angel's Envy is a straight bourbon whiskey, but a special one. Distilled by the Louisville Distilling Company, built on a 200-year-old tradition, this bourbon matured in charred white oak and, most importantly, was finished in port casks! (43,3%)

Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon - TPSB21-1

The Texan Balcones Distilling, known for its artisanal blue corn whisky, also makes straight bourbon whisky. And that is not your average bourbon, but one that is distilled in traditional pot stills. Bottled at 46% and now in our shop for a great price!

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon

A shelf higher than the bottom shelf, there you will find this Basil Hayden's, distilled by Jim Beam, in the store. Just a bit more complex than the average bourbon, this is a whiskey where everyone can taste something different. What do you taste?

Buffalo Trace

With Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey you're always right: reliable quality, available everywhere and you get what you can expect from a bourbon: notes of vanilla, honey and toffee; a bit more spicy in the taste. In short, you get value for money!

Bulleit 10-year-old

The extra rye in the Bulleit bourbon whiskey recipe gives it its own character. Matured for 10 years on charred new oak and bottled at 45.6%: this results in a bourbon with an excellent price / quality ratio.

Bulleit Bourbon

A nice introduction to bourbon whiskey, this standard bottle from Bulleit Distillery Co. A friendly price for a nice, not too complex bourbon. And then gives the extra rye in the recipe this bourbon whiskey also its own character.

Eagle Rare 10-year-old

If you want a bourbon for a reasonable price that exceeds the average bourbon whiskeys , then this Eagle Rare is for you: a single barrel bottling, aged 10 years in new American oak. He has everything a good bourbon must have.

Elijah Craig 12-year-old - Small Batch 61.1%

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is a Small Batch Bourbon whiskey produced in the traditional way and matured for 12 years.. Aged in charred/toasted barrels of new American oak and bottled at a whopping 68.3%!

Elijah Craig Small Batch - New bottle

This Elijah Craig bourbon whiskey is a Small Batch release. The small batch process provides a more balanced and smooth whiskey. This pleasant, warm bourbon from the Heaven Hill family matured in charred oak barrels and has an ABV of 47%.

Evan Williams 2011 - Cask 909

This Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey comes from the Heaven Hill Distillery. It is a single cask bottling. The Evan Williams brand stands for bourbons that have aged for an extra long time. Almost 8 years in this case. A special bourbon. Bottled at 43.3%

Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond

If you are looking for a fine, complex bourbon for a reasonable price, then this Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond is an option! With a mash recipe of 78% corn, 10% rye and 12% barley malt and a minimum maturation of 4 years, this is a classic bourbon whiskey

Ezra Brooks 99

This is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, traditionally distilled according to an original recipe, carbon-filtered for a smooth, mild character and bottled at 99 proof (49.5%). Slightly different from the well-known standard bourbons. Curious?

FEW Bourbon Whiskey

Like all their whiskeys and gin, this bourbon whiskey from the FEW Spirits distillery in Illinois, USA, was produced using traditional methods. In addition to corn, rye and barley malt are also used for this bourbon. Matured in charred oak.

Four Roses Single Barrel - 82-40

Something different from the average bourbon in which you thoughtless tuck your ice cubes, this Four Roses Single Barrel Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Complex, full and supple, with a subtle, long finish. Try it without ice first is our advice!

George Dickel 09-year-old Hand Selected Barrel

George Dickel once owned the Cascade Hollow Distillery in Tennessee. Now his name is the brand of the Tennessee Whisky (without the 'e') that is distilled there. This is a special single cask bottling, aged 9 years and matured in American white oak. 51.5%

Heaven Hill 12-year-old Cadenhead

Scotland's oldest bottler Cadenhead (established around 1850) is a household name in the whisky world. Of course Scotch whiskies are well represented in their range, but sometimes something else appears, like this 12-year-old Heaven Hill bourbon whiskey.

Heaven Hill 2009 The Daily Dram

Bottler The Daily Dram, part of the Dutch company Bresser & Timmer, comes here with a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. This bourbon is 11 years old and bottled at cask strength (50.4%). Sounds interesting!

High West American Prairie Bourbon

The High West Distillery started in Utah in 2006 as a small distillery. Meanwhile, it has grown into a producer of bourbon, rye and even oat whiskey, with dozens of employees. In 2016 it was named the best distillery in the US. Curious about this bottling

J.W. Dant Bottled In Bond

Around 1830, J.W. Dant in Kentucky distilled whisky with a cheap log still. Today Heaven Hill makes bourbon whiskey in metal stills according to Dant's recipe. With the Bottled-in-Bond quality certificate, this is a fine bourbon for a good price. (50%).

Jack Daniel's - 70 cl

If Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey had not been produced in Tennessee, but elsewhere in America, 'bourbon whiskey' would have been on the label. Anyway, are you looking for a whiskey to mix with, then Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is a great option!

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - 100 Proof - Cask 21-08820

This is a single cask bottling of this well-known Tennessee whiskey brand, in a classic-looking bottle. Tennessee whiskey is actually a type of bourbon, but for legal reasons it can't be called that. In any case, this cask was bottled at 50% (100 proof).

Jack Daniel's Single barrel 21-05119

This is not one of those standard Jack Daniel's bottling that you thoughtlessly throw in some ice cubes. This is a single cask bottling from this well-known Tennessee whiskey brand, and then also at cask strength (64.5%). In a classic looking bottle.

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