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Westward Single Barrel Selection - Cask 392

For the first time that we have a single malt from the idiosyncratic Westward Whiskey on the shelf. The young American craft distillery brews beer from a special barley variety and then distills it in special 'low reflux' pot stills. Curious? (62.5%)

Woodford Reserve Winter Edition

A nice Christmas gift for a bourbon whiskey lover who wants to go deeper than the standard bourbon, this Woodford Reserve Winter Slumber straight Kentucky bourbon. Produced the original way, in copper pot stills. And at a reasonable price. (43.2%)

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - Cask 22-06144

This is not one of those standard Jack Daniel's bottling that you thoughtlessly throw in some ice cubes. This is a single cask bottling from this well-known Tennessee whiskey brand, and then also at cask strength (64.5%). In a classic looking bottle.

Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky - Cask 17991

A Single Barrel bottling from Balcones Distilling in Texas. It is a Texas single malt whisky. This one matured in a virgin European oak cask. The malt is bottled at a solid cask strength of 63.7%. Another typical, very powerful Balcones whisky!

J.W. Dant Bottled In Bond

Around 1830, J.W. Dant in Kentucky distilled whisky with a cheap log still. Today Heaven Hill makes bourbon whiskey in metal stills according to Dant's recipe. With the Bottled-in-Bond quality certificate, this is a fine bourbon for a good price. (50%).

WhistlePig 10-year-old - A/354

100% Rye - 100 Proof' reads the label of this American WhistlePig straight rye whiskey. And that it is 10 years old. Distilled by Alberta Distillers in Canada, WhistlePig has only been distilling itself since 2015. Finished on a bourbon cask. At 50%.

Old Forester Straight Bourbon - 86 Proof

The label calls the Old Forester the 'first bottled bourbon.' In any case, this Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey was made as early as 1870. In those days you could also write bourbon whiskey without an 'e'. They still do that with Old Forester. At 43%.

Woodford Reserve Barrel Finish Select

Woodford Reserve is one of the oldest distilleries in Kentucky and still produces according to tradition. With this bottling, the straight bourbon whiskey has undergone a second maturation on a different 'white oak' barrel. For an extra rich taste.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

This artisanal Small Batch bourbon whiskey matured in the centuries-old warehouses built by namesake Colonel E.H. Taylor at the time. The oak casks for this were selected with care. This is not a bourbon for carelessly throwing ice cubes in. (50%)

Heaven Hill 2009 Whiskybroker

Whiskybroker almost only bottles Scotch whisky, but sometimes they do something else in the bottle. As with this edition, which is also a special one: it is a corn whisky from the American Heaven Hill Distilleries, a whisky made of 100% corn! (56.7%)

Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon - TPSB22-1

A new batch of straight bourbon whisky from Texan Balcones Distilling. And that's not your average bourbon, but one that is distilled from blue corn in traditional pot stills. Definitely worth a try for this great price! (bottled at 46%)

Tennessee Whisky 18-year-old Cadenhead

Tennessee whisky, like Jack Daniel's, could be called bourbon with an extra filtering. Neither Tennessee nor bourbon whiskey is often seen at the venerable age of 18. But here's one. Matured in an American oak barrel of course. Bottled by Cadenhead's. 46%

Jack Daniel's Single barrel 21-05122

This is not one of those standard Jack Daniel's bottling that you thoughtlessly throw in some ice cubes. This is a single cask bottling from this well-known Tennessee whiskey brand, and then also at cask strength (64.5%). In a classic looking bottle.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - 100 Proof - Cask 21-08820

This is a single cask bottling of this well-known Tennessee whiskey brand, in a classic-looking bottle. Tennessee whiskey is actually a type of bourbon, but for legal reasons it can't be called that. In any case, this cask was bottled at 50% (100 proof).

Jack Daniel's - 70 cl

If Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey had not been produced in Tennessee, but elsewhere in America, 'bourbon whiskey' would have been on the label. Anyway, are you looking for a whiskey to mix with, then Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is a great option!

1792 Small Batch

Under the 1792 Small Batch label, Barton 1792 Distillery, located in the heart of Bourbon country, releases this straight bourbon whiskey. The bourbon matured on American new oak, and is bottled at cask strength. A real bourbon, this 1792!

Old Grand-Dad Bonded 100 Proof

A special whiskey from the Jim Beam distillery, this Old Grand Dad. It is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, but one with a high rye content in the mash bill (the recipe). The bourbon matured for 4 years in American oak, and is bottled at 50%.

Jack Daniel's Single barrel 21-05119

This is not one of those standard Jack Daniel's bottling that you thoughtlessly throw in some ice cubes. This is a single cask bottling from this well-known Tennessee whiskey brand, and then also at cask strength (64.5%). In a classic looking bottle.

Westward Single Barrel Selection - Stout Cask 16-0045

Specially bottled for the Netherlands, this single cask bottling of the American Westward Whiskey. Outside of the US and Australia, you won't easily come across Westward whisky, so extra special, this single malt whisky finished in a stout cask! (50%)

Heaven Hill 2009 Brachadair

In addition to corn, bourbon production also uses other grains. But the lesser-known straight corn whiskey, like this one, is distilled from 100% corn. This Brachadair bottling comes from Heaven Hill Distilleries in Kentucky. 13 years old, at 61.0%.

High West Rendezvous Rye

This is no 'normal' rye whiskey that the High West Distillery releases, this is a blend of straight rye whiskeys. And you don't see that often! You really can taste from this bottling that High West was awarded as best distillery in America in 2016. (46%)

Elijah Craig Small Batch - New bottle

This Elijah Craig bourbon whiskey is a Small Batch release. The small batch process provides a more balanced and smooth whiskey. This pleasant, warm bourbon from the Heaven Hill family matured in charred oak barrels and has an ABV of 47%.

Balcones Texas Rye - 21-2

Balcones Distilling in Texas wants to release high quality artisanal whisky. And they have managed to do that again with the new batch of their rye whisky. Like their other whiskies, this rye is made with pot stills. Bottled at 100 proof (50%).

Four Roses Single Barrel - 61-5B

Something different from the average bourbon in which you thoughtless tuck your ice cubes, this Four Roses Single Barrel Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Complex, full and supple, with a subtle, long finish. Try it without ice first is our advice!

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